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Life Before Air Conditoning


Summers in eastern North Carolina can be brutal. The thought of going without AC for even a day in the summer makes me cringe. So what did people do less than a hundred years ago when there was no such thing as an air conditioner? Below is a link to an article that I came across that […]

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Is a Gas Furnace Right for Your Family?


  Though not as common as heat pumps in our area, gas furnaces are still sought after because of the type of heat that they produce. While heat pumps heat your home by transferring heat from outside, gas furnaces actually create their heat. The air that you feel coming from the vents with a gas furnace feels warm while the […]

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How Heat Pumps Work


According to, heat pumps are the most efficient form of electric heating in moderate climates (like eastern North Carolina). And as Americans are spending almost half of their home energy costs on space heating, heat pumps can be a great way to save money. Heat pumps work by transferring the heat from the air, ground, or water […]

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